Effective teaching has now changed from the drill-and-practice or chalk-and-talk concept to teachers now being facilitators and getting students to engage in higher order thinking by working collaboratively. Therefore, it is important for our teaching to change with the times.

As we now live in a highly I.T digital saturated world, I.T is now being incorporated into the way we teach as it complements today’s teaching. Feltag (2014) highlighted the importance of embedding I.T when teaching. It suggests that tutors need to be more aware of the positive impact that it could have.

Currently, as I am teaching I.T, I personally find myself comfortable using I.T itself however; embedding it in your teaching practice is different. I currently use Kahoot, which I find, works really well with my level 1, 2 and AS students. A level student however, do not enjoy the competitive nature, they do not find it useful, and therefore I opted for Mentimeter as we can discuss questions and evaluate studies.

Therefore, it is a question of understanding how we can corporate I.T effectively so that it benefits the students.

There are many ways in which I.T can be used (Ingle et al 2013) )and as there is almost a sense of ‘pressure’ and tutors may not feel confident, I.T is altogether avoided (Feltag, 2014).  However, it is a case of researching and being confident in using different ideas within your class. In addition, knowing your students will influence what kind of I.T based activities you will use (Summey, 2012) They key for successful usage of I.T is evaluating your own use of IT. I therefore, conducted a small survey to see what students liked during class time and these are the results.

As the results show, students really enjoyed I.T based interaction in the classroom.


Also I asked them why, and they said its “fun and new”. Therefore, it shows the importance of ensuring that your lessons will benefit when you integrate new ideas (Not every lesson but where necessary) which means that CPD is essential to ensure student engagement.

I have attended CPD on the use of Smart Board. The activities that are embedded on there are easy to use and does not take up to time to create one. Students are more involved with these activities and as students have now started to revise and we are coming close to the academic year, I think activities like this will prove to be useful.

I.T based activities has the ability to provide differentiated learning and activities. Cohen (2004), identified that I.T based activities has great claims for differentiation as it takes into account learning styles, pacing, timing and personal involvement of the learner.

Personally, I can see the positive impact that I.T can have in the classroom. I do however, think that it’s a case of “the more you use it, the more confidence you will gain”. Hence, I will engaging in the use of digital literates and adopt it for my students.

PS4, PS5, PS9, PS12, PS14, PS15

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